• Sponsor of the bill to give emergency dispatchers and operators "First Responder" status.
  • Fighting to find out why New York nursing homes became the epicenter for COVID deaths.
  • Joe led the opposition to the casino and Medford and is rallying his neighbors and colleagues to stave off OTB’s latest proposal.
  • Joe was one of the first to sound the alarm against Albany’s criminal justice “reform” bills and will continue the fight to make sure the laws favor hard-working citizens and not the criminals.
  • Helped expose the plan by the state’s Liberal Democrats to raise taxes and pledged to lead the fight against them.
  • Exposed the so called “Campaign Finance Reform” report as being a rubber stamp for taxpayer funding of political campaigns.
  • Successfully opposed efforts to raise the state’s tax cap.
  • Stands firm with law enforcement and state the "All Lives Matter."