DeStefano: No Public Money for Politics

  • Date : August 14th, 2020
  • Author : Team DeStefano

The long-awaited report from the state Campaign Finance Reform Commission is in and one thing remains abundantly clear: Using taxpayer dollars to fund political campaigns is a bad idea.

Sadly, the commission had a built-in bias for taxpayer-funded campaigns right from the start and that’s exactly what they came up with. This is no small wonder since it’s dominated by the appointees of the Progressive Democrats, the very people who will profit handsomely from this at everyone else’s expense.

Make no mistake, the $100 million in state funds that will flow into political coffers will end up benefiting those in power. To sell this as opening the door for under-funded challengers and thus empowering our Democracy is nonsense.

The legislature, unwilling to tackle the real issues of campaign finance reform, punted the problem to this biased commission. Their report said exactly what we thought it would, that public financing of election campaigns should be the law in the State of New York. Everyone else knows it’s a bad idea and just another example of business as usual in a Capitol dominated by a single political party with a reputation of putting their own interests above the taxpayers.

Hopefully, the commission report is not the end of the story. The fact that the legislature ceded its authority to create election law to the commission is the subject of lawsuits and many of us are fighting to block this expensive and politically corrupt idea. The 2020 legislative session begins in January. Please join me in rallying the taxpayers to send a message to Albany that we just cannot afford this latest attempt to pick our pockets.


Assemblyman Joseph DeStefano (R-Medford)

1735 North Ocean Avenue, Suite A

Medford, NY 11763