Progressive Democrats Nominate Another Hack

  • Date : February 26th, 2020
  • Author : Team DeStefano

A candidate has been named against me in this year’s election and since he’s been put up by the Progressive Democrats, it doesn’t matter what his name is or who he is—we already know how he will vote. If, by a miracle, he is elected, he will fall in line like every other progressive Democrat in this state and support higher taxes and fees just like his leadership has already promised. He will be a loyal member of the party that brought us the horrendous new bail laws and will pretend they’re not dangerous to our community. He will have no choice but to go along with his bosses and continue to raise tunnel and bridge tolls and railway fares. He will be among those celebrating the Democrat laws that permit abortions right up to the moment of birth. And to make sure his party can continue to harvest votes, he will be in favor of giving driver’s licenses to illegal aliens. Like every political wannabe, he will welcome the support of this party, tell the voters what they want to hear, and then fall in lock step with the bosses who put him there. We are a suburban district. We don’t need another Progressive Democrat beholden to the city.