DeStefano Sounds Alarm on Democrat Tax Hike

  • Date : February 26th, 2020
  • Author : Team DeStefano


State Assemblyman Joe DeStefano is sounding an early alarm as Progressive Democrats in Albany are preparing to raise taxes to close a $6 billion hole in the budget they created.

“It hasn’t dawned on these politicians yet that our once-prosperous state doesn’t have a revenue problem, but a spending problem,” DeStefano said in asking taxpayers to join him in opposing tax hikes as the 2020 legislative session nears.

“New York is one of the most expensive places to live in the country and it will only get worse as people flee to states where taxes and fees don’t crush them,” the assemblyman noted. “Raising taxes will simply cause those who can’t escape to have to pay more and more.”

Thanks to Republican initiatives in Washington such as cutting taxes and regulations, more residents are employed—including minorities and young people—and our economy is stronger than ever before, DeStefano pointed out. “The Democrat response to this? Raise taxes to continue funding their bloated government.”

DeStefano’s warning came in the wake of comments by the Progressive leadership signaling their plan to sock it to the taxpayers next year.

“The only way to combat the mammoth $6.1 billion budget deficit is to raise taxes,” Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie (D-Bronx) told reporters recently. “This is gonna be a tough budget year, unless money’s gonna fall from the sky. For us in the assembly, we always believe in raising revenue.”

The Empire State has fallen victim to one-party rule that is dominated by New York City Liberals who look at suburban taxpayers and middle-class families as bottomless cash cows for their Progressive programs.

“In effect, they give away our money in order to get themselves reelected,” Assemblyman DeStefano said. “Because of the population numbers, the city politicians call all of the shots.”

Suburban areas such as Long Island used to stand a chance when the state senate was controlled by Republicans. But that ended last year when a state-wide push, ironically fueled by Democrats from Suffolk County, allowed the Progressive Liberals to take control of the entire state government.

“They responded by promptly approving late-term abortions, raising railroad, bridge and tunnel fees, eliminating bail for practically all misdemeanors and many felonies, and concocting a plan to spend $100 million on taxpayer-funded political campaigns,” DeStefano pointed out.

The assemblyman concluded, “I ask everyone to join the fight to keep more of their hard-earned money. We’ve waited a long time to get ahead of the game with our booming economy and higher paying jobs and we certainly don’t want to hand it over to the New York City politicians.”