Dear Supporter:

The time has come to choose between the failed policies of the Progressive Left and the Conservative values that have served our nation well for hundreds of years.

The deterioration of our state in 2021 was astounding.

  • A crime wave descended upon us thanks to Defund the Police and the dangerous bail laws
  • Inflation is wiping out local businesses and the hard-working people trying to make ends meet
  • Fatal drugs are flowing in unabated and killing our kids
  • And it looks like there's no end in sight to the COVID mandates and restrictions.

I'm sure you were appalled as I was to learn of migrants being flown into our state in the middle of the night without the vaccine or tracking requirements forced on the rest of us.

The Socialist response: Allow non-citizens to vote, Gerrymander the election districts so we don't even recognize them anymore, and break records for taxing and spending while making cash payments to the illegals they are ushering in to harvest their votes.

The good news is: We are making a stand! Proud New Yorkers are waking up to the Woke agenda and are turning the tide. We took over the district attorney offices in both Long Island counties and took control of the Suffolk legislature for the first time in 20 years. The Nassau County executive is now a Republican and he has immediately joined the battle.

But we're only getting started. This year, the state legislature is up for grabs and I am running hard for reelection as your state Assemblyman. I'm proud to be part of the Red Wave and have been working tirelessly to beat back the rising tide of Progressive Socialism. We can no longer allow the New York City politicians to dictate to the rest of us. We need to keep electing Conservative Republicans to office.

Please help me get our state back on track. A contribution to my reelection will make sure your voice is heard. Join me in the battle and together, we will fight the good fight for now and for generations to come.

P.S. With a biased media and a government using our own money against us, this could be our last chance to set things right. I am out there on the front line and appreciate you being there with me.

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