Joe has a pulse on the needs and wants of his community.

He is leading the fight against the criminal justice "reforms" pushed through by the Progressive Democrats, particularly the elimination of bail for almost all misdemeanors and many felonies. He is sponsoring legislation to strengthen enforcement for environmental crimes and sides with law enforcement against new laws that will tie the hands of prosecutors and make our communities less safe.

Joe is sponsoring a bill to end late term abortion and is against allowing minors to get vaccines for sexually transmitted diseases without their parent's permission. He is leading the fight against the ill-advised casino in Medford and is rallying against using taxpayers funds for political campaigns.

Joe is in constant touch with the state Department of Transportation to make sure the Route 112 project gets finished as soon as possible and that other state roads get the maintenance and improvements that we pay for.

He fights for state aid for our area, especially for education funding and municipal aid. He has a close relationship with officials on the federal, county and town levels and works to coordinate government programs and services across his district.

With a long career in public safety, Joe looks out for the men and women who put their lives on the line to protect us. He fights for volunteers and civil servants and will make sure that working men and women are always treated fairly and with respect. A long-time union official, Joe has widespread support from the working-class citizens who make our country great.

Joe's been attending community meetings for many years and encourages people to get involved in the issues that affect them. They know he will be a dedicated ally and will be there with them side by side to make sure their issues are addressed and their voices are heard.