• Date : June 5th, 2022
  • Author : Joe DeStefano

The 2022 legislative session gaveled to a close in Albany at 8:15 Saturday morning, having begun early the day before. Hundreds of bills were passed at the last minute in a frenzy of activity, yet little was accomplished to make our state more affordable, fight crime, or curb the inflation that is threatening families across the state.

The Republican Conference put forth many bills for real change, yet we were voted down by the Progressive Democrats time and again. On too many occasions, they maneuvered to serve their own interests rather than the public’s. One party rule in the Capitol has had terrible ramifications for public safety as a crime wave continues thanks to their soft-on-crime agenda. More than 300,000 people fled the high taxes and fees of the “Vampire State,” yet our proposals to live within our means were rejected. While many are living paycheck to paycheck, Governor Hochul saw fit to stick us with a $600 million bill for a new football stadium in Buffalo that will line the pockets of her husband. With the price of gas skyrocketing, illegal immigration flooding our communities, and the murder rate soaring in cities from one end of our state to the other, the record of the Progressive left is one of complete failure.

Without any concern for the hard-working people of our state, the Democrats added billions to the already larded budget bringing spending to more than $220 billion. That’s many times more than Florida and Texas, two better managed states that have much smaller populations (and much less crime). It’s no wonder that people are moving there in droves leaving the rest of us to pick up the bloated tab.

Thankfully, the voters will have the opportunity to put in the last word come November. The tax-and spend governor is up for reelection, as are her cohorts in the senate and assembly. I urge all voters to carefully consider what’s going on in our once proud state and act accordingly. Now, more than ever, the future of New York depends on it.