Surrounded by friends and supporters at a well-attended event in Medford, Assemblyman Joe DeStefano kicked off his reelection campaign for a third term with a promise of repealing the dangerous bail laws, fighting the tax-and-spend policies of the Progressive Left and undoing the damage caused by the COVID lockdowns and mandates.

“I first ran for the assembly after serving in the sheriff’s office for 27 years. I’m coming up on three decades as a fire commissioner and have been a volunteer fireman for more than 40 years,” DeStefano told the crowd. “Why do I do it? No, it’s not to go to more meetings. I do it because of the people in this room, my family, my neighbors, my friends. Serving my community and the people who live in it has been a guiding principle for nearly my entire life.”

The Assemblyman continued: “Being an elected official has been one of my greatest honors. I head up to Albany once a week. I listen to a lot of BS from politicians who don’t have our best interests at heart. Then I team up with my like-minded colleagues from Long Island and I truly believe we make a difference.”


Working with local town and village officials, DeStefano helped beat back an attempt by the governor to allow apartments in every basement, garage, attic and outdoor shed in Suffolk’s neighborhoods. This would have made Long Island look like the Bronx and would have taken away our say in how our communities operate, he pointed out.


“Right after that idea went down like a lead balloon, the Progressive Democrats came up with another: How about we allow tenants to stop paying rent. Again, the rational adults in the room will fight this one and with the support of people like you, we will win,” the Assemblyman said.


DeStefano’s supporters agreed: the deterioration of the Empire State in the last year has been astounding.

  • A crime wave descended upon us thanks to Defund the Police and the dangerous new bail laws
  • Inflation is wiping out local businesses and the hard-working people trying to make ends meet
  • Fatal drugs are flowing in unabated and killing our kids
  • And it looks like we still have to deal with the tyrannical COVID mandates and restrictions


“I’m sure you were appalled as I was to learn of migrants being flown into our state in the middle of the night without the vaccine or tracking requirements forced on the rest of us,” DeStefano said.


The Socialist response: Allow non-citizens to vote, Gerrymander the election districts so we don’t even recognize them anymore, and break records for taxing and spending while making cash payments to the illegals.


There is good news, according to DeStefano: “We are making a stand! Proud New Yorkers are waking up to the Woke agenda and we are turning the tide.” He pointed out that the Republicans took over the district attorney offices in both Long Island counties and took control of the Suffolk legislature for the first time in 20 years. The Nassau County executive is now a Republican and he has immediately joined the battle. “We have a great candidate for governor from right here in my district and exceptional contenders all the way around.”


This year, the entire state legislature is up for grabs and DeStefano said he is proud to be part of the Red Wave that has been working tirelessly to beat back the rising tide of Progressive Socialism. “I will not let New York City politicians dictate to the rest of us.”


The bottom line: “The time has come for us to choose between the failed policies of the Progressive Left or the Conservative values that have served our nation well for hundreds of years. We will get our state back on track, and I will make sure your voice is heard in Albany. This could very well be our last chance to set things right and I thank you for joining me in the battle. Together, we will fight the good fight for now and for all of the generations to come.”


Joe and his wife, Linda